Monday, February 9, 2009

priority courier experts sucks

priority courier experts is a company that was founded in 1997 by steve and ted.

the company when started employed all of its drivers as employees. priority soon realized that the courier industry has many loopholes to take advantage of... instead of owning and managing a large fleet they decided to advertise to lease their current fleet vehicle with the promise to would be buyers of unlimited money making potential....

prioity has many company's to separate themselves from risk and liability! #1 taluk corporation is the company that scams people into buying and leasing vehicles... #2 timberland transportation is the company that they have all of dot/federal id numbers with....

priority has a reputation of a very high contractor/employee turnover.... (they lure you in with empty promises) the "contractors" are scammed and lied to.... if you are not related to the owners you will not make it.

i have heard every excuse from them and do not believe any of them... i would strongly recommend that you do not do business with these people.... priority is a scam to line the pockets of few and to exploit many good and hardworking people....


  1. So True... They're known as the SNAKES of the Courier Industry in the Twin Cities. I doubt that their customers have any idea that they are supporting such a company with no regard what so ever for their drivers well-being.

  2. Also when you drive for them they push you to use their auto insurance. When you get in an accident they charge you $1000 for the deductable! The auto body shop gave me the paperwork by accident when they were done and it said that the insurance deductable was ONLY $500! So they make $500 off of everyones accident and i bet they dont tell the IRS about that money they stole!

    1. That is downright criminal. I certainly hope you took the appropriate steps and showed your evidence to the IRS, better business bureau and the department of labor at minimum.

  3. Actually Steve opened it up with his brother JIM. Jim is the one who sleeps with girls from the office (AMY) and after makes a calendar with pictures of himself in it holding his unit after a few viagra! This is not a rumor. Ive seen the calendar!

  4. Here is what priority charges for there dock truck lease.505 dollars a week for the truck lease and insurance,50 dollars a week for the ace and two way radio.YOU pay for all the gas,about 300 to 350 dollars a week,plus about 60 to 70 dollars a month in deisel exhaust fluid.Once the warranty is off the truck you will pay for all repairs.VERY spendy!!!!You pay for all your own equipment-pallet jack,straps,packing blankets.YOU use your own phone.YOU also pay for your own plates and clothes that they make you buy from them.So in other words DONT WORK FOR PRIORITY COURIER RIPOFFS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL MONETARILY GO IN THE HOLE!!!!!!!

  5. It's a nice company to work for, IF you are retired with a large pension, have a significant other that earns a sizeable income, or have won the lottery. But for most of us that need to work for a living, Priority Courier Experts is an unreasonable way to attain this. You will fail very quickly, with the real potential to go bankrupt if you have large personal assets, and expenses to maintain. This is why this company has a significant amount of turnover, and are consistently hiring.

    PCE operates under smoke and mirrors, much like a carnival or circus act. They present the public with shiny new vehicles, that gives the mirage that it's drivers are successful. They promise their prospective Independent Contractors that there are high earnings potential, which is partly true. However they fail to disclose that with that earning potential there is a large amount of overhead costs to assume. So sure, you may gross $66,000 annually, but it's a moot point if you incur $53,000 in expenses.

    PCE is successful because they assume no liability whatsoever. Their driving fleet absorbs all cost and liability for everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Unlike most successful businesses that profit off it's product and consumer, PCE generates revenue largely off their employees/IC's.

    A large reason why they are ALWAYS hiring is because they profit off their Independent Contractors by nickel and diming each contractor's paycheck with expenses that should be assumed by an employer. The larger the head count, the bigger the revenue for them.

  6. Here are some of the expenses you're responsible for as an Independent Contractor:

    - fuel costs (diesel is more expensive, and you put on 150-350 miles a day depending on the vehicle)

    - repairs (simple costs like preventive maintenance, but also major repairs that are likely when you're putting on so many miles in such a short amount of time)

    - uniforms (they charge an absorbant for these uniforms, bi-annually)

    - taxes (because you're an independent contractor you do not have taxes taken out of your payroll, so you have to budget for giving Uncle Sam a big chunk of change either quarterly or annually)

    - holidays and vacations (you accrue NO paid time off or vacation, and for holidays where other employers pay you, there if you don't work, you don't get paid!)

    - medical and dental benefits (not offered, so you must budget for these neccessities accordingly)

    - all equipment (depending on the type of vehicle you drive, you are responsible for everything from 2-wheeler, to pallet jacket, to safety vests, to hard hats, to straps etc)

    - everything the office provides for you (from doing your payroll, to the lease of their radio and communication devices)

    - vehicle and cargo insurance (both are requirements, and are costly for commercial purposes)

    - accident and superficial vehicle wear and tear (in the event that you get in an accident for whatever reason, be prepared to have time off the road to address these instances, and if the vehicle doesn't look 100% be prepared to absorb these costs in an autobody shop before they will let you drive again)

    - rental vehicles (as stated in the above, you will have circumstances where your vehicle is not operational, so if you want to continue generating income, you will have to provide for a rental vehicle at a hefty premium)

    - tabs, DOT physicals

    Pretty much the only thing that they don't charge you with is visiting their office, and using their restroom.

  7. PCE is the only courier company in the local industry that offers a lease-to-own program, where you're essentially renting a vehicle with the potential to own the vehicle outright after the payments are met (and getting that title isn't so easy even if you have made it that far).

    This lease program targets those in a vulnerable situation who don't already have a vehicle, and/or a new enough vehicle to meet their requirements. Not only do they lease these vehicles to the IC's at a sizeable mark up (they buy alot of vehicles), but you're also required to use their insurances, again at a mark up from the cost of their umbrella policy. And some of the costs listed above as far as repairs and superficial body repair are increased 10 fold when you're driving THEIR vehicles! They will inspect these leased regularly and vigorously. Tires without 85% tread, minor windshield chips, paint defects etc etc will expected to be addressed in short order, and of course at the leasee, and not leasor's expense!

    All of the costs mentioned above as rather static, and will not change much aside from a major vehicle repair. However, the earnings are anything less than consistent. You will not make the same amount of money everyday because there are so many variables that come into play, such as the overall work load (customers must call), the dispatcher (there is disparity in competency), and being in the right place at the right time. And these inconsistencies in income are magnified when you account for the time that you are not on the road driving, for various reason such as holidays (not paid for these again), sick/injured (no PTO accrued again), vacation (redundant yet?), and when you're vehicle is not operational.

    Why would you want to work for a company like this? Not only is your earnings potential severely capped and inconsistent, but they show no allegiance, if minimal, to their tenured drivers who are experienced and shown to be consistent in their work efforts. You're just a number to them, and easily replaceable as they have no problem recruiting new drivers under their guises.

    Don't be fooled by their mirage of hiring tactics. If something sounds too easy and good to be true, then it probably is...

  8. And as working under the muddied guise as an "Independent Contractor" they can skate with charging YOU to do THEIR payroll. So essentially they are making money off your paycheck. I believe they call it an 'Administrative fee'. They give you enough to keep afloat, akin to a crack fiend who is just able to fix their habit, and nothing more nothing less. Just promoting the bottom line. Great way to live a life.

  9. does anyone have a copy of a settlement I can see? what are they charging to lease vans other autos?

  10. honestly, I drive for priority but I didn't do their lease program. I bought a 5 year old truck and have been driving for them for almost2 years. I truly believe they do not have the contractors best interest in mind, but they are not in business for our success. there is enough money in the business if you plan, save and work ALOT. if you are a child and spend all of your money on crap, you will fail almost immediately. work harder, stop whining, or lick your wounds and move on.

  11. Yes, it's possible to make a living if you work ALOT, never go on vacation for the rest of your life, and watch every penny. But honestly, who wants to live like that with such a narrow margin? Just so you can have your "freedom" starting from home everyday?

    I worked for Priority for way more than 2 years, and the longer you work for them the more they take your for granted, and the less allegiance they have to you. They cater to new drivers, in that "honeymoon" period, in which they can suck them in. All they care about is head counts - the more drivers, the more they fatten their pockets. They make so much money on every single driver, and in every single way, that newer drivers just aren't privy to it until they are "stuck".

    They certainly don't have your best interests in mind, and offer no long term incentives to work there, whereas most employers give pay increases, bonuses, vacation and PTO, 401K etc This is largely the reason they have excessive turnover, and are constantly hiring. You're only as good until your next major expense puts you underwater. Some refuse to go into debt because of their job, thus they are deemed as a "failure" in the statistical eyes of Priority.

  12. Its been awhile but here's a new one. Today is the end of my lease and for some unknown reason they won't tell me, they say that they won't renew my lease. So after buying a new personal truck this crap happens. Talk to the guy that takes care of all the vehicles and he says that he don't know either. They wanted me to find a new vehicle of my own but the thing is I put 2k into that car's lease. Went from 9k to 7k and just because of that it makes me suspicious. This is not even consider a career. It's a piece of crap job and the previous guy before me "deserted" the vehicle like they mention to me. I'm not really sure if I can trust these guys. I'm sure that other guy had to surrender this vehicle up also.

  13. Do not become affiliated with these hunka junk. Once you start you are going to keep trying to catch up on bills if you miss a day or two out of a week. Once this place got you in their death grip you have no way out but to work more then 12 hours everyday just to be able to pay your bills if you have assets like me. They want a time frame from 8am latest till 6pm, but you also work 5 days a week. No PTO no Holiday paid, this is a waste of my time. Need to spend time with my lovely family more than this crap.

  14. They are straight up shysters. They have absolutely no allegiance to the people who work for them. I mean they won't even call them 'employees' for god's sake. They are Independent Contractors. All they care about is making sure they carry no liability whatsoever. Like I've said before, most companies have a product or a brand that they market and retail, whereas this outfit profits off the people who actually work for them. Talk about bad karma.

    If anyone is considering working for these scam artists, just remember that if it seems too good to be true, IT IS! Companies like Master Transfer are similar, where they lease you a vehicle without credit or a down payment. But if you actually survive the lease period they will hold that title over your head with a Kung Fu grip. Remember, there motivation is to make money off those leases, so they appreciate the lease turnover. The longer they can prolong the lease period the better. Ultimately they don't want just one person to fulfill the lease obligations. They don't make as much money that way.

  15. My experience is typically like most others. I leased a vehicle from them several years ago. It was a 3 year lease, and I barely made it through 2 years. What happens is that since they hold the lease, they still own the vehicle, and therefor want to protect their interests. This involves them inspecting the vehicle regularly with a fine tooth comb. If your tires are more than 10-20k miles old they will make you replace them. If you have a microscopic chip on your windshield them will make you replace the windshield. If you have a paint chip or hairline fracture in the body, them will make you repair it. And if they want, they can refuse you work until you fix these things.

    People don't realize that things like body work are not only very costly, but they are time consuming as well. This involves you either not being able to work for several days (1-2 weeks in some instances) while the vehicle is in the shop, or assuming a rental vehicle in the process. More $$$$. And yes of course, Priority has a close relationship with a local auto body shop that they aggressively try and push you towards. Seem suspicious?

    So during my 2 year lease period I had the vehicle in the auto body shop two times before I realized that there was an unfavorable trend. The first time was because of a no fault accident which left slight damage to the rear quarter panel. Even though the accident was not my fault and was covered by the other motorist, what was not covered was the cost of a rental. So not only did I miss time away from work to deal with this, but I had to pay out of pocket for a rental vehicle for about 8 working days. So even if you get in an accident and it's not your fault, it can still leave you reeling.

    The second trip to the auto body shop happened upon one of their vehicle inspections. Unbeknownst to me there was a slight cosmetic imperfection, or anomaly with a small area involving fading with the paint job. Almost impossible to notice unless you were specifically looking for it. Probably normal seasonal wear driving through the winter. Nevertheless they immediately made me drive over to their preferred auto body shop to get an estimate. Mind you that I'm already missing time away from work because of the vehicle inspection. The estimate was about $200 over the deductible, so naturally I wanted to use the deductible. Priority vehemently refused, and strong-armed me to getting the vehicle into the shop ASAP. Long story short, the whole experience cost me approx $1500, when considering the auto body cost, time away from work, and rental vehicle. And most importantly if you can't afford to pay for these expensive auto body repairs, no sweat, Priority will slowly syphon your paychecks until it's paid off. But naturally they charge you interest. Aren't they awesome or what?

    See where this is going yet? The last and final trip to the auto body shop was enough for me. My transmission conked out at about 100K because it was a lemon. It was past the warranty period. It was admitted by the manufacturer that the year and model was faulty, but that's another story.. Priority wanted me to use their preferred mechanic, a friggin' car dealership of all places haha. The estimate was ungodly. Said it needed a brand new transmission and that I better win the lottery quickly. I refused and brought it elsewhere where they re-built the transmission for half of that. Nevertheless it was a huge chunk of change of which I had to take out of a loan for. Because it wasn't Priority's preferred shop they refused to finance it. This whole process again took over a week, which again I had to pay for a rental vehicle so I could keep working.

  16. The straw that broke the camel's back: Just days after I got my vehicle out of the shop I was due for another vehicle inspection. They were well aware how much I paid to get my transmission re-built, yet showed no mercy. So what do they find upon inspection? There was a chip in the rear tail light lense, not even the size of a dime. Who knows how it happened. Part of doing business and what happens when you drive for a living. Again it was almost unnoticeable. They sent me right to their shop for an estimate. What a surprise a couple hundred over the deductible again yay! I conceded and said I would get the vehicle into the shop before the end of the week, but said that I needed to keep rolling to make some money. After looking at other options, and getting my ducks in a row, I dropped off the vehicle after-hours at the auto body shop. But this time I had no intention of returning for it. I left everything in the truck, and went on "vacation" for a good week so I could continue to get payroll without assuming the cost for this auto body repair. I felt like I actually won for once.

    I am not the first, nor the last person who has jumped ship in similar fashion. This is not the exception, but the norm. The exception would be that either you have deep pockets and can easily assume these costs, or you just don't drive the vehicle so therefore it doesn't incur any repairs or maintenance. It's almost ironic that the less you drive, the more you make. So whether you already have your own vehicle and/or can finance yourself, or you lease a vehicle from Priority, the ending is pretty much all the same. Over the long run the overhead costs, coupled with zero benefits will have you running in place. If you have driving experience, or are just looking to get into the industry, there are actually courier companies out there that hire you as an hourly employee. There are not many of them left so you just have to do your homework. I have personally worked for both and can say that there is a substantial difference when looking at the big picture. People get sucked into Independent Contracting because they are persuaded to believe that there is "unlimited earning potential!". That's the farthest thing from the truth.

  17. Okay so after I returned the vehicle back to priorirty, the guy that took care of the inspection gave me a sheet of what "was repaired". I looked at it and signed the sheet stating I haved agree to the cost of repairing the vehicle and getting portion of my deposit deducted. Well so I signed the sheet and gave it to him. I recieved like less then half of my deposit back. Couple days later my 2nd last check arrived in mail and then boom out of $700+ that I made on that check only $11 was left to spare for me. I went crazy and called them and left mutiple messgaes to 2 different person. Never recieved a call back for a good 4 days I call back again and finaly got a hold of the inspection guy. Well he sounded nervous to tell me of my situation. What he said was after he got the vehicle back from their trusted preferred shop, he had to returned it back to them for another inspection because the a/c that was charged and taken out from my deposit wasnt working. The shop found a crack in the condensor and told them it needed fixing so Boom! They took out 476 from my 2nd last check and never informed me about it. Well I told him we went over what was repaired and that I signed the paper stating the vehicle was repaired and released to them. Well he kept saying that it was unknowingly cracked and that it wasnt working when I returned it and was part of the "finak form of fixing it". I told him that we signed the paper and that was that. You cant just decided to charge me out of the blue after we're already done with inspection. He told me "well thats how it rolls". So I got pissed off and say "well am I going to get charged out of the blue again?!" What if 1 year later and the vehicle was sitting in your parking lot and broke down. Am I going to be responsible for it because I was the last to lease it? He stated you signed the paper but it wasnt final nor done yet so we can still charge you for it. So I went nuts in my head and asked myself "whats the use of a signing a dumb form when it is not going to bind our words into something we agreeded on and ended of the day I signed it". Well I gave up and hooked up after saying bye. Think before you roll with these guys they are money hogger and their "preferred mechanic shop" will drain the living hell out of your child's tuition saving. Bless those who are going into this scam hope you make it out alive.

  18. lee yang- $11 bucks they left you with? Sadly, that is not the first...or 50th...time they have done that to someone. I have heard of them leaving folks with TWO DOLLARS and change in their final settlement. I would advise you to not only contact the Better Business Bureau, but most importantly the Attorney General's office. I'm sure that whatever you signed is probably laden with legalese which has them protected. Nevertheless, at the very least they need to be put on the "radar" for their continual misdoings and bad business behaviors.

    Priority has gotten away with this BS for years where they feel an entitlement to push over anyone and everyone. It's bad karma when every single person that leaves that company does so jilted and left out to dry. That eventually catches up. For a company that's been operating loosely like this for a better part of 10 years, it's only a matter of time before lawsuits ensue (the IRS is a whole other story). Eventually they are going to F over the wrong person who is either well connected, and/or or extremely versed in such matters. And the walls shall come crumbling down...

    But for those that are thinking about latching on with these people for employment, if it seems too good to be true, IT IS! And most importantly, don't ever sign anything unless you are 100% sure of what it entails. These people are sharks and you cannot trust them (which is unknowing until you actually work for them). If necessary advise a family lawyer, or accountant etc before going forward. Being that I work in the industry, I know of people who did just this, and consequently they do not and have never worked for Priority. The expression, "sign your life away" is not all that far from the truth!

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  20. There are a lot of lease to own horror stories in the trucking industry because people get into it for the wrong reasons. They think they're gonna get rich or live pay check to pay check and need the extra money to pay bills then have no money when a break down happens (and its going to happen)
    Most of these places are not ripping you off you will end up paying sticker price for the truck (sure priority gets a discount buying them)
    People should only get into this is they are serious about owner/opp and don't have other significant bills or a family to support. It's not for everyone.
    Yes Priority does some head scratching things like force you to carry their insurance and use their body shops as well as expect you to keep the truck,tires,etc in tip top condition.

  21. Worst place to work ever , They say you can reject jobs but when you do they give you a ton of crap work, Start employment in debt end in bankruptcy ,Worked here 3+ years BIG MISTAKE ! They kept saying things would get better but they never did ,They have contracts with most company's they ship for and they have major discounts for them which in turn you get a commission from these jobs that is really low, When you start they make alot of false promises that never come true ,I used to love this company but now I have no respect for them because they have no respect for drivers that is why they are ALWAYS hiring ,All they care is about is THEIR bottom line and could give a crap about yours , THEY WILL LIE TO YOUR FACE AND LAUGH BEHIND YOUR BACK !! Don't lease your van from them like I did because when they hand you the title the miles will be high and the van will be worthless (EXAMPLE- they will give you a 4hr job or a same-day that pays next to nothing then throw you a low paying direct job near the drop of the 4hr or same-day just to make you go there to deliver it even if it is 40 miles away ,Jokes on you ,I stayed there so long to try to get ahead so when I left I wasn't in debt but that was impossible to achieve with this company MAKE SURE YOU READ THE CONTRACT COMPLETELY BEFORE YOU START ! They rushed me during contract signing so I would not be able to read fine print that was my mistake please don't make it yours !!
    After you pay company uniforms with a cost up to 250$ that is mandatory twice a year for 6 t-shirts and a flimsy cheap jacket in which you don't have a choice in buying if you want to work there plus the have a weekly deduction of about 100$ per week for miscellaneous expense's and EVERY Contractor has to pay which is deducted before you ever see your settlement check each week figure that out they have 60 office employees and 360+ drivers, The drivers paying 100$ each ? Do the math that comes to 36,000$ in one week that they receive and you pay the tax not them which pays the office employees salaries every week so the owners are making all profit ,If you want to get rich doing this you should start your own company don't work for them ,After total expenses you will make about 8 - 10 dollars a hour max when you start they will give you awesome jobs till you sign that contract then EVERYTHING will change and It will be too LATE for you to leave or change your mind---------- BEWARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. They say you need workman's comp insurance thru them. It's a lie you only need workman's comp insurance if you have employees. I am contacting a lawyer & will post if he thinks we have a class action suit. Contact me if you're interested

  23. They say you need workman's comp insurance thru them. It's a lie you only need workman's comp insurance if you have employees. I am contacting a lawyer & will post if he thinks we have a class action suit. Contact me if you're interested

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  28. They do not treat their office employees a whole lot better then the Drivers. My Dad was a Driver and I worked in the office. Until I had work restrictions due to carpal tunnel and they fired me. This was many years ago now but I can see they haven't changed any. Once they wrongfully terminated me they gave my Dad crap work until he quit. I did file a lawsuit and won. Not much of course but least I won.

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  30. Here's a blog for On Time

  31. Pretty sure Priority started the On Time blog to detract attention from themselves...... On Time is a million times better than Priority. As the name says it all Priority SUCKS!